Welcome at the website urcows.com

This website has been developed to explain how to create commercials in 'Commercial Areas' on websites of  'New on the Market' which is a trade name of NOTM Web Services.

Base idea of publishing your commercial is that your proprietary content like movies, pictures and sound that you want to use is placed on your company website.
You are of course free to use other websites, like YouTube or Facebook, where you have stored other proprietary commercial content.

The movies and pictures for your free example Commercial Area (CA) that has been created by NOTM Web Services are placed on http://urcows.com/your_company_website.
Instead of subdirectory 'your_company_name' we created a subdirectory of http://urcows.com that fits your real company name more.

The name of your subdirectory is shown in the mail you received from us.

Because you can change your free CA, you can use links to your company website to re-design your commercial  as often as you like.
You are also allowed to move your CA to another doelgroep.


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NOTM Web Services
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